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Signatures for Help get Autum Ashante Get Reinistated Back at UCONN!

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1 JosephineMinnow UCONN Alum '10
2 KarrenHarris Why would you rescind your decision, UCONN? You should be proud to be a part of HERstory!
3 BrookeStaley  
4 AlyssaEdwards  
5 JasmineSilvestre  
6 AshleyCombs I am also an alum. I support this!
7 OliviaWest  
8 AaronSwindell  
9 DanielleDaley UConn Alum '11
10 LaquishaGrant  
11 annekatyndale  
12 TyrellRanger  
13 DevinSamuels I am a Uconn sophomore and hope that the university will make the right decision on this issue.
14 BrianaBrown  
15 RicardoGomez  
16 AdannaUwazurike  
17 CandaceWilliams  
18 AhlaAmin  
19 ShonAggison  
20 ShaquishaRogers  
21 MariahForbes  
22 TierraPollock I don't think it is fair to revoke anyone's acceptance, its not fair to her and if the University felt she was not academically ready, they should not have accepted her to begin with.
23 DominiqueMohansingh  
24 ShaquanaChaneyfield  
25 JasmineSkinner UCONN Studen
26 DarylWells I think UCONN is lucky to get such promising individuals to attend its University.
27 BradSutton If we can have an 11 year old Caucasian boy with his parents on campus I think an African American girl that is 13 can do the same or achieve higher.
28 SamanthaMicael  
29 EdwinePaul  
30 GoettiFrancois  
31 BryanDeVissiere  
32 sabinequetant  
33 laurenrussell  
34 JanetteMartinez  
35 ArielleThomas  
36 JanelRoberson  
37 smicharleston I believe she should have a chance. You believed that also the moment the school decided that the first time.
38 RamoneHenry  
39 SabineMerville  
40 kristenbrown  
41 KaylaDias While I'm wary of what developmental effects this could lead to for this young girl, I believe she should be given a chance! The application review process is tedious one. If she qualifies, let the girl in. Our community would accept her with open arms!
42 JenellDouglas  
44 autumnalston i am disturbed uconn
45 KennethMyles Is the 1st amendment exclusive to a specific demographic or for all Americans???
46 TamikaRiley  
47 RaitaJackson  
48 EvianCrosdale  
49 ElianaEcheverry  
50 amandaventrella  
51 WahkibaJulion Let Her In, im sure she can handle the work load.... if reefer smokers & party animals can lol
52 SaraiRoss To Deny such intelligence would be a great disservice to not only UCONN but the World.
53 LeBrahneJohnson Get it together UCONN.
54 KiaShavon  
55 NaadiraIdriss  
56 larrycrawford  
57 DalaniAamon I am the CEO & Founder of The Harambee Radio and Television Network. I will continue to remind the world of another "misunderstanding" that has once again happened to us. The 500 year historical track record speaks for itself.
58 Malaika HKambon U Conn is behaving in a racist way. They've realized that Autum Ashante is a young AFRIKAN Woman genius who cannot be manipulated. U Conn should be asked if they always offer scholarships to prospective students who are 'not academically ready!'
59 KofiKamara Usually when your enemy refuses to let you in any place, its a good thing because you can go someplace where he ain't.
60 KhamilleTurnage  
61 ZhengJaMasani I have met her and support what she represents, which is, an excellent example of what all of our children should aspire to be. Informed, articulate, outspoken and rightously fearless.
62 ZenzeleBell If she were a white student, you'd be rolling out the red carpet for her.
64 VoniceBerry Ms. Autum Ashante is a prodigy. She should be reinstated back into the University of Connecticut to pursue her academic goals.
65 BrandonPeterson  
66 IrmaMcBride Academics is the basis for acceptance. This student was accepted. It's UCONN who is not "academically ready" not the student. Shame!!!
67 demetrisscales 13 year old ready willing and able! we need more minds like the one Autum has.
68 HermanJohnson  
69 EternalLove Please reinstate Autum Ashante!
70 KimberlyCoker  
71 ReneeGrey This young lady has worked hard to get where she is & No one should stop her from moving on!!! She Deserves to have a chance!!! Don't stop her from wanted her education!!!
72 S EAnderson  
73 GerrenGaynor  
74 KinyofuMlimwengu Autumn is brilliant and mature. Reinstate her and you will see. Don't and you will wish you did when you see her excel elsewhere.
75 AzizNat Turner III I Will Not Give Up On Our Youth!
76 AaliyahLewi  
77 PhilSmith I've had the privilege of meeting Ms. Ashane in person. After reading about her dilemma with UCONN rescinding their decision to accept her I started thinking. Maybe they're right, she's not ready. .. she's too ready. Peace
78 MykeLewis  
79 JonathanLipscomb  
80 JefferyScott  
81 VernonOnick Let her in! She deserves it!
82 EricaWilliams  
83 romytheodat  
84 RenaeBowens Reinstate 13yr old Ashante Autum
85 TerrellJones  
86 EricGerman LET THE GIRL LEARN!!!
87 pamharris  
88 ShauniceScott  
89 EdwardCole  
90 IraThomas Let the girl get he education, she earned it.
91 troyPatrick  
92 CaseyJones  
93 MichelleMorton  
94 KeishaHicklin-Chatman  
95 shawnsamson If the young lady is academically qualified why not...
96 TheresaJohnson All i can say is so SAD
97 DorisLaguerre Unbelievable! Please support this young lady not because she is a minority but because she has the potential. Thank you.
98 lilliannelson  
99 otisdixon Yes let her in
100 TheresaHaley Please do the right thing and give her a chance.