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101 joycetaylor I support the purpose of this petition. I'd like to see Autum Ashante reinstated to UConn. Grateful that an alumni reached out to give back.
102 barryfuller she is a great inspiration to her peers and elders ! keep striving !
103 RodneyMerus Amen
104 MelodyTaylor I think it's much more deeper than what UCONN is stating because there are a lot of young prodigies her age that are in college... I pray she makes it in!!
105 HiltonJames  
106 kwasiakil if her parents approve
107 AshleyWalker  
108 Brandon Grace  
109 NathalieDesert If she was good enough to get accepted, she is good enough to attend the school. You would be lucky to have such a gifted student attend your school, not to mention the role model she will become!
110 JenaeFrancis This young lady has worked hard and deserves reinstated to the university. She a model image for girls everywhere. She has proven that she is academically ready for her future.
111 JudithMoore  
112 HilsaBlackwood  
113 ShannonPhillips  
114 LaquetaHodge  
115 JovaniGoins  
116 TiffanyPenn Atleast a probationary period at the school is deserved.
117 AnitaSmith  
118 L.O.W.L.I.F.E.MUZICK She won't be denied!
119 TeresaDubose This is truly unfortunate. The University and the Board ought to be SHAMED.
120 CherylMiller-Holmes Please allow this deserving young lady an opportunity to excel at your institution.
121 GeorgeSingleton The young girl was cleared. Tell me what circumstance has changed. UCONN's decision.
122 harmonyadams give her the chance
123 CamekaShelby Reinstate this young lady - she is obviously going somewhere and will a great asset to the UCONN academic community!
124 deliajohnson give her the chance to shine.
125 NatashaThompson Surely all her ability should have been known before the original offer. You cannot change the goalpost after the fact.
126 ReginaMcConic Please allow this young lady an opportunity to grow and be productive.
127 mcdavidson shameful
128 ShantayNorman  
129 TijuanMuhammad Education is a God-Given right regardless of age!..Give her what she deserves and what is rightfully hers!..NO ONE should try and stop a butterfly from rising!
130 GlenisSearchwell Re-Instate
131 GaryJohnson  
132 AndreaBerman Give this young woman the chance she so richly deserves to prove herself!
133 IfeUhuru This brilliant young woman DESERVES a chance... she has worked hard & earned it!
134 lanatate  
135 MarkGoggins She is more than deserving of this opportunity. She EARNED it! DO THE RIGHT THING!
137 TerranceMcIntosh Allow Ms. Ashante her dream UCONN, reinstate her and allow her to attend!!!
138 LEdwards  
139 SandraEvans Shameful!
140 DrakeDavenport I am proud of you, young lady! Keep moving forward!
141 MarshaRichardson I love you sis, and I wish you the very best! God bless you,and you're family.
142 KatrinaRussell This young girl should have the opportunity to persue her dreams and goals! It is not right to extend an offer and then take it back when she's probably more academically prepared than most of the students that have gone to college.
143 MoniqueBurnett  
144 JudithVega This child is more "academically ready" than most of the students that enter and some of the students that graduate from your institution. Please review this case carefully and in a just and fair way...Thank you
145 KahlilMason Uconn=FAIL, surely she is more qualified then your legacy students!!!
146 FrankieSherman With such a poor graduating rate of your African-American basketball players, you would think U-Conn would want to allow a young woman with so much potential to get a quality higher education. Please reconsider and reinstate Ashante
147 ReneeBeggsmith We are a HEALING PEOPLE. Don't be afraid of Our Brilliance as it will light the Way of US ALL.
148 Toneyde Leine Everyone needs as much help as possible in this economic time.
149 CynthiaSherman Black This is B.S.
150 LaShawnDaPittman-Gay I hope that UCONN doesn't miss an opportunity to associate THEMSELVES with this incredible prodigy. LaShawnDa Pittman-Gay, UCONN Alum 2000 (M.A. Sociology)
151 VernonBlack  
152 BeverlyCollins This girl is obviously committed to making a contribution to society. Let her get started!
153 MichaelLong  
154 briancoleman equal justice, and equality.
155 LorielSkelton Shame on you UConn!!
156 BrittanySkelton  
157 SCamel  
158 RamatoulaiFofana If the school can educate an 11 year old white boy, it can accept Autum Ashante'. Radicalism merely means change. Her poetry, and talents would make a valuable cultural addition to any majority campus. Let her in!
159 DeLacyDavis She's not ready! She's more advanced than you expected.
160 ValenciaBristol This young lady, Autum Ashante, is wise beyond her years and deserve to be reinstated to the University of Connecticut. She will be a very valuable asset to this public institution and her example will encourage other young ones to follow.
161 LesCharles Enrollment staff at UCONN please reconsider and reinstate Autum. Such a bright and powerful young lady!
162 JoanneForde I want to show my support. Her intelegence should be encouraged.
163 JimmieKnight  
164 Yah'ZaharaYisrael  
165 John BBrown From where has the criterion been derived that rejects a genius from attending a public university? The decision appears arbitrary at best and mean spirited at first blush. This young woman should be welcomed into the university community, not rejected.
166 KarenDabney She earned it. She deserves to attend after being accepted.
167 SeanWilliams  
168 andreajohnson Uconn stay to your word accept her!!!!!!!!!!!!
169 CorinaKlies In Support of Autum
170 VictorRivers  
171 PetraPeters She is hard working, bhas family support and ambitious. Her window of opportunity is now. Please don't close it on her!
172 keeshaeure Autum deserves to be admitted..No compromise! No retreat
173 CrystalLeftwich UCONN you have already reviewed her record and found it acceptable to your standards,now let her prove herself! Why the flip-flop, there some other reason? As we teach our kids, honesty is the best policy!!!!
174 Minister justiceWashington DO THE RIGHT THING
175 ReginaReis Since when has a subjective assessment of one's 'academic readiness' been grounds for rescinding acceptance to the uiversity. Let's home Autumn is readmitted and UConn gets to count her as one of their alumni.
176 MilesCrutchfield  
177 SandraStephens  
178 michellehicks  
179 alexisdiaz  
180 DonaldSmith Reinstate Autum Ashante. It's the right thing to do.
181 PatriceBrooks  
182 AisiahWilliams  
183 dyamijohnson that's BS. Let her BACK IN!!
184 ShemikaBond  
185 ShawnCrawley  
186 JoeAdams Surly a University like UConn can overcome their fears and reinstate the VERY SMART young lady, and they should do it now.
187 HiltonWharff  
189 AleshaFlint  
190 markancker as the parent of a gifted child, i urge you to admit this girl. my daughter entered college 3 years early and graduated with honors.
191 DoloresHenry  
192 ZacharyBussey  
193 JoelWade Reinstate Autum
194 quintonspikener She should be supported with her triumphs not further challenged
195 natwood  
196 AbrahamBenjamin I have no association wit the University of CT. But sounds like a BS excuse to keep a blessed young sister from the higher education she wants and deserves. As former youth myself, I know the ever so importance of how much they are our future.
197 TaniaPadro  
198 Nusaiba LegacyHotep  
199 EarlEversley Please reinstate Autum immediately UCONN. Stop jerking her, and her supporters, around!!
200 kenanmuhammad