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Signatures for Help get Autum Ashante Get Reinistated Back at UCONN!

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201 SimoneThomas  
202 HerbertWhite  
203 KatrinaShanks Queen Unique supports Autum Ashante'! Many blessings, lil sis, you can't be stopped. =))
204 oneof millionsstolen  
205 JAMESLYONS UConn - there is only one choice here. Make the right choice.
206 MarkGoggins This is 2011, DO THE RIGHT THING! Reinstate Autum to her proper place!
207 BilalHakeem She is ready for the university.
208 PiaShabazz Reinstate her!
209 JeroyceMontford Reinstate my dear sister Autum Ashante to UCONN
210 AdrienneHorn  
211 malikgoggins reinstate Autum
212 MichelleGoggins  
213 RomaJackson She a very good poet
214 NikkiKnight  
215 DonDeBar This young woman deserves a spot there as much as, if not more than, anyone there. She SHOULD be in Harvard, but UCONN ought to jump on the chance to have her.
216 DerickCross  
217 vernettcartwright  
218 PoeticallySpoken aka S cents Anything I can do..to help..will be done! Peace & Blessings Autum
219 SecquilHenderson  
220 JamillahNichols They should be proud to have such an incredible young lady represent their university.
221 lloydmcintosh  
222 marioblyden  
223 keshiacook  
224 GeodoraJohnson-Bunn Ashante is an intelligent, Mature, well exposed young woman who has earned & deserves to attend the University of Connecticut of her choice. Please reconsider your decision
225 SteveThomas Please help 13 year old prodigy, Autum Ashante get reinstated back into the University of Connecticut!
226 LeslieRyan  
227 CharlesBanks OPEN do not limit minds!
228 PauletteDauteuil  
229 TyroneMixon  
230 TyBanks  
231 MichelleAlford  
232 ChristopherDarnell  
233 TalenaGivens  
234 dawnbanks Help this young lady...get reinstated...
235 RomeNeal It's no time to stop the progress of someone who is going on to be one of the most important voices in America!!!
236 martinpounds  
237 JamelAllah  
238 GloriousAsiatic honor postive youth!!!!
239 TammyJones This girl is amazing and you should let her journey continue.
240 Queen CynequaSain To fear the width & depth of our Young Flower's mind & intellectual prowess is sickening and sad. To deny her further growth, stretching, limitless reaching is pure crime.
241 JahmelAllah This intelligent young lady deserves the opportunity to attend the school.
242 JamaalSt.John  
243 Mary-PatHector  
244 KevinEdwards There should be an outcry from the African American community. This qualifies as an act of violence against one of Our own! Usally that calls for a televised rally, unless it's Black on Black!
245 JendayiSelassie Bless up Autumn, you deserve a place, pray for all your future successes:)
246 valundjyeugene Please let her back in
247 AndrewDavis  
248 AlvinaEdwards  
249 FolasadeObahnjoko Ms. Ashante should be reinstated. How many other intellectual & intelligent children are told they aren't ready. Neither was that idiot Bush, but yet he was ready to be president. Ha! Yeah right. She is more ready than he was.
250 chrisgargan If in fact, Autum is being denied entry as a reaction to her creative work, then this truly is as outrage. If in fact Autum is not academically prepared, regardless of her intelligence, then ther must be a community of people who believe in her that will
251 ChrisStevenson UConn this is your chance to be known for more than just football and basketball. Accept Autum this autumn. She is not Obama and therefore too young for you to begin marginalizing. Let's go UConn! Give me an A! Give me a U! Give me a T! Give me a U!
252 ShakaBerry What do you mean by not academically ready? Why was she accepted then? How often does that happen?
253 R. LeeGordon You need someone like Autum at your school more than she needs you . . .
254 NoorIjara I'm signing this petition for Autum Ashante to be reinstated back to UCONN
255 HeruDuenas  
256 NzingaWenham A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
257 RicoRizzo c'mon!
258 ClaudiaAkyeampong  
259 VickiByard I'm a professor at Northeastern Illinois University. I'm disturbed that UConn would grant admission to this prodigy and then rescind that acceptance. That's unjust. Give her an apology, a speedy acceptance, and whatever support services she needs!
260 EliasToynton  
261 elivernunez  
262 HafeezaMajeed As an educator, I'm appalled that an educational institution would have the gall to shatter a young person's ambitions, and obvious qualifications! Perhaps, if Ms. Ashante was a promising "athlete," the story might have quite a different ending!
263 sabrinapiletjones Let this little girl shine as bright as she can and allow her to receive the education that she desires and deserves ..
264 CortneyEwing  
265 shondalauderdale  
266 shavondaWilliams  
267 DarrenJenkins  
268 AnjelBerry  
269 CynthiaAlvarez  
270 Kara Lynn KaiSanders  
271 OforiwaIdawa  
272 MonicaJohnson I wish you well, Ms. Ashante!!!!
273 AntoinetteRoberts You are doing her a GREAT disservice! Imagine when she wins the Nobel Peace Prize or some other prestigious award and your name could have positively linked to her but instead, you are the one remembered as the one who tried to extinguish her bright light
274 shakashakur I will help for it is right . however this is whay we must have our own lil, sisteer
275 JelaniEl  
276 AkilShabazz  
277 paulinechappell fighting for the rights of wrongful actions
278 YumaBellomee  
279 tieshathomas Dont kick a gift horse in the mouth this is great publicity for your school.
280 KweinAqila Make your word your BOND! She is ready enough fou UCONN!
281 OliverCovrett  
282 BerthaFerguson Everyone needs a chance to get a fresh start towards a good future.Thank you for saving a child. Peace & Blessing.
283 JohnnyRoberts  
284 EmmanuelBussie I agree with you 100% UCONN need to be examined
285 Baba WesleyGray Dear Sir/madam, As one who has seen the tremendous growth and maturity of Ms. Autum Ashante, especially academically. I join in the support and effort to have the University of Conneticut reinstate Ms Ashante as a student for the fall 2011 semester
286 NIcolaNorman Let the child shine! Stop the jealousy!
287 SemajWilliams  
288 F JayLahr  
289 FloydAaron  
290 JohnHarris Keep rising to the top, give it all you've got.
291 ritajordan  
292 HeidiWest Autumn Ashante is brilliant. Today children HAVE to be allowed to progress at a pace that is suitable to them, without hindrance. The genius mind found within this young lady is going to be an asset to America as a whole and a Divine shining on the
293 Michelle JanineRobinson  
294 clarencebell iii Let her in.
295 MICHELEBARARD UConn should be ashamed of itself for the revocation of Autum Ashante's acceptance to the school.
296 CodyNorris  
297 AthaliaCrayton  
298 JudyValencia  
299 SugarRenfore  
300 NadratSiddique Autumn is brilliant! To exclude her from UConn will be a great loss for the vibrancy and diversity of the school.