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401 CandyGuinea  
402 JessieJacobs We need young, brilliant minds like Autum's. Don't let our future down!
403 G DenisceRodall  
404 AllisonDavis  
405 LesLaRue  
406 perrygaines Have a blessed and motivated day.
407 ReubenTraynham Whatever i can do!.....
408 kathylane  
409 KevinMartin  
410 AntoinetteSmith  
411 beckyceartas of course she should be able to go. she was accepted and now they are not letting her in? the last time I checked, you get into college based on scores and numbers. she has the numbers and smarts - let her in!
412 DharmaShay Comes down to doing the right thing.
413 LaGraseMurphy I am signing this petition, to show support to Autum Ashante & I expect that someone who is reasonable allow this extremely intelligent child the opportunity of going to UConn.
414 TraceyYoung Respect Her Rights of Free Speech.
415 EmmelineDomingo We need to see black women like Autum Ashante center stage. Stop pushing them into the corner.
416 JazzHyde Oh come on! She is intelligent, clever and a good poet. Quit with the rascism shit.
417 KathiSchaff  
418 MishkaAnderson reverse your decision!
419 tchaikokwayana In an era when African americans are at the far, far end of the "achievement gap," who would not let the world know of an African American young female whose accomplishments shine as a beacon to the Other! LET HER IN AND CELEBRATE HER PLEASE!
420 ZacharyHusser, Sr. Dear UConn Admissions, I believe Ms. Ashante attending your Educational Institution will prove that "Academic Success" via Ms. Ashante attending the University is just as important as sports star Kimba Walker, another Bronx resident!
421 marquettaedwards  
422 StefanieSiegel  
423 NicoleBandy  
424 MaggieLowe  
425 bonniewessler She's a brilliant person. She's no doubt just as socially mature as many of the 18-year-olds you routinely admit, help to mature, and matriculate. If you have faith in your curriculum, please reinstate her admission.
426 HawanyaMiller  
427 BrandonKnox Listening to Autum speak is remarkable. I wish more of my 18-year old first year students had the wisdom and insight of this 13-year old prodigy. She is more "intellectually ready" for college than most applicants 5 years her senior.
428 Ms.Rashid  
429 KimGregory What does she need to be ready? When you accepted her you felt she was ready. Please reinstate.
430 valburris  
431 RobertDavis  
432 AyannahZafir Please re-instate this brilliant young lady.
433 PhillipJackson I am a huge supporter of Autumn and educational excellence!! Please admit her to the University of Connecticut. Educate or Die!!! Phillip Jackson The Black Star Project
434 EmilyUran We need more socially conscious poets in the world, you go girl!
435 AnisaMoyo  
436 StephenJones UConn, y'all playin yaselves if you dont do he right thing. HOTEP
437 FrediEbron  
438 dominiquereed  
439 DianneFoster  
440 CarolSnow Please let this child have a chance.
441 TangeeMcNeil  
442 DeborahHawkins  
443 mosesseenarine  
444 RayWinbush How can the first female President of UConn, renege on the university's admission of Ms. Asante? How ironic and reprehensible.
445 MarixaSoto  
446 LizEllison Please reinestate Autum Ashante to University of Connecticut. A mind is a terrible thing to waste”
447 VanCephus  
448 ReginaBarnes  
449 JaleesaLeslie  
450 GilbertoArellano  
451 SC Many years ago Harvard admitted several very young (white) students who had been home schooled and there was no question of their academic readiness. It is hard to believe that UCONN has more rigorous standards.
452 KaraCarmosino  
453 CheyennePronga Your reason for rescinding this young woman's entrance either shows negligence in your due diligence in processing the application in the first place or just plain bias about her politics, either way this is unacceptable. Upset alumni.
454 LaurenceMeylemans  
455 rosegadson  
456 CyrilHicks I think UConn is doing this child and the university a disservice to disallow her admission. Surely, you have a mentor for her as you do others, if you think she is lacking.
457 GabrielleAnderson  
458 AubreyMcMillan  
459 TetaGorgoni  
460 ZayleeJohnson  
461 JeniferDaniels  
462 HelaneAndrone  
463 CatherineWarren-Bishop If she was a white student who was a genius, would she then be accepted back?
464 CraigBoatwright  
465 LeRoyHenderson It's good that UConn is being challenged on this issue. Those who try to act out their cynicism, and even racism, under the cover of anonymity have to be called to account, exposed and made to explain their actions.
466 TamikaStubblefield Children need to be allowed to express themselves. It is not necessary to agree with or even like what someone else chooses to say, but it is VERY wrong to deny them an education!
467 MarkeceZanders  
468 IdaliaRobles  
469 rosalindhampton Not only should UConn reinstate this brilliant young scholar's admission, she should be offered full scholarship.
470 YolandaIsaac Hope it works out for her!
471 sherisejones  
472 BobbieBreedlove She was Blessed with a GIFT lets support her.
473 JoolieGeldner  
475 missygordon  
476 kedriandonaldson  
477 nicoletaylor  
478 W GBrooksfuller How hateful this all is. Let's not hold back a gifted child because we don't agree with some of the child's views. Let her, like Malcolm X, evolve.
479 TasiaSmith go Autum go!
480 FeliciaEdwards  
481 TokithaFerguson  
482 NicholeFarrow An atrocity. There is no better mind than that of a child - pure, full of light, and amazingly resilient. It is you who is not ready for her.
483 NicoleBrooks!  
484 MichaelBond  
485 LonaiNoble  
486 AnthonyGarnett College is about discussing diffences in opinions
487 BrandiiLittle do not hold her back because you are you were offened. everything in life is not easy to swallow.
488 DavidEber This girl is clearly smart enough to be accepted to UCONN, if not an even more prestigious University. UCONN is making an unprecedented mistake by rescinding her admission.
489 LisaThomas  
490 janereilly My son attended UCONN and I never miss a chance to applaud the school as well as contribute to the Alumni Fund each year. Make this right and allow Autumn to experience the fine education UCONN provides and that she deserves.
491 ChiomaErike I feel "she's not academically ready" is a poor excuse. She graduated high school at the age of 12. We must support her so she can fulfill her dreams. Other child prodigies, have attended college younger than her.
492 DennisDay UCONN, your job is to encourage thinking,not to discourage it.
493 MaryDeHoyos  
494 ErnestWhite Education P-20 is the newest educational timeline for pulic education strategist. K-16 was the former timeline. UConn's unethical treatment and culturally polarizing behavior sends a painful reminder of the Pre and Post Civil War Era's. Prayer Works
495 JamesFaris I formerly taught at UConn, back when explicit racists were allowed to teach there, and their critics were sacked. Don't tell me this is still happening!! Admit Autum Ashante. I pray, however, she does not attend, for it's become a bad place.
496 VirginiaConnors UConn accepted her and so must have believed she is academically prepared for college work. It doesn't seem fair to change your mind after accepting her. Allow her to attend so that she can prove whether or not she is ready for the challenge of college.
497 ConnieEdwards  
498 PatsyWashburn  
499 LeslieHarris Educational institutions should encourage thought, regardless of whether it agrees with it or not. Many philosphies that are considered mainstream now, were once considered radical in earlier times.
500 Catherine M.Jones Dear UCONN faculty members, please don't be afraid of the little black girl, she means you no harm and her words and thoughts will not destroy you or your campus!