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501 adrianwilliams  
502 KeelyChow  
503 LashawnteAlsander  
504 laverncampbell as long as we strive for our goals in life by the grace of God we will achieve...
505 Dr. IrvingRobinson If not UCONN then one of our own institutions needs to step up. We've been educating our best and brightess for over 100 years, and she deserves an opportunity to flourish.
506 lalitabasdeo  
507 CharlesDineen What?so she can't play basket ball.Get over it.
508 RobinGardner-Jones  
509 HeikeCurrie  
510 JabariNatur  
511 robin mariesaulnier let her in!
512 CamikaMaxey Freedom of speech!
513 NicoleOgden  
515 rhondabembry  
516 moniqueliston  
517 ErikSchnabel  
518 RitaMyers To: Autum, GOD will put you where you belong!!! I'm so proud of you!!!
519 kirankaur  
520 SottolWeng  
521 MaryAnnVandeCastle Shame on U, UConn! If this child were a sports prodigy or a Tea Party raver, you wouldn't question her political views. Must your professors also pass this litmus test? Autum, seek a college that prides itself on free speech for all.
522 FolamiGeter  
523 AnthonyGayle  
524 LouiseHammonds reinstate Autum Ashante back into the University of Connecticut!
525 TamaraeGooden .For this young lady to be accepted into UConn at age 13 is phenomenal...apparently her brilliance was bright enough for admissions to accept her in the first place. It sends the wrong message to her or any other bright young man or lady...
526 WmJohnson  
527 LakishaKeats  
528 JamesGanzy  
529 ZanaeRodrigo For God' sake, please don't let politics ruin a young girl's dreams.
530 MaryleeFithian  
531 KennethBrown The young lady has demonstrated herself ready for the University's academic program; therefore, she should, obviously, be accepted as should any other person of like merit.
532 chriscrews As an academic, a poet and a social justice advocate I am deeply disturbed that UCONN would EVER consider rejecting such an amazingly talented young woman. She would easily blow 95% of your incoming freshman away without trying. Wake up UCONN and do the r
533 CynthiaLuna-Dulgov Reinstate Ms. Ashante to UCONN
534 KimRoberts  
535 AlaaMukahhal  
536 Jo-AnnAdams  
537 EvanYoung  
538 LuisPenate  
539 JesseBraid  
540 JohnSmith It is a tragedy that an institution of higher learning could fear a child that has a powerful delivery of a message and thought!
541 ShingiraiGadsden-Sams  
542 LeonBarber In rescinding their decision stating “she’s not academically ready”. What exactly does that mean? This is typical of the this country trying to hold us back as a people. GOD bless you Ashante.
543 MeganFountain  
544 ShaniqueJones  
545 jackiedenby  
546 elenafinotto good!
547 FabiolaAttime  
548 JessicaCaman  
549 NatashaPretty-Whitney Good Luck Autum!
550 FloydDeRizzio I'm here to support Ashante.
551 SabinaGonzalez  
554 DeniseCoppage  
555 RobertaBatts Please allow Autum Ashante to attend UConn this fall. You must keep your word regarding her initial acceptance. If young people cannot believe in the word of institutions of higher learning who can they trust?
556 SaulSherter As a Jew, whose fellow Jews were subject to Ivy League quotas (including those applying to faculty members) I feel particularly strongly about this egregious miscarriage of justice.
557 MithaAneeta  
558 EsahAli As a young attorney, it is disturbing to see UCONN rescind this acceptance on such trumped up and false pretenses. If UCONN fails to rescind it's denial of this student, the school should have to pay for all costs incurred as a result.
559 SharonJohnson Miller I'm disgusted that Uconn would rescind an acceptance from this bright and talented young lady..She isn't the first child prodigy to have a high 3 digit IQ & to have attained the necessary requirements and the readiness for a tertiary education. Pathetic!
560 jituweusi i am a retired educational supervisor and i know autumn. she will be a honor student at the university and make all americans proud of her. she deserves the opportunity.
561 DawnCampbell No justice, no peace
562 teresaharrington  
563 M.Edwards This is clearly about racism and politics. Do the right thing and let her back in.
564 ChinueX How is it that a student with an iq of 149 (the test being racist itself) is not ready for academia? You may deny her enrollment but you will never deny her her right to free speech!
565 ReneeDennis  
566 GeoffMunroe  
567 malkiagarrett  
568 Kayade Barbaro UConn should be honored to have Autum Ashante join their student body!
569 AyanaNadira This young lady definitely deserves the right to attend any school of her choice and should not be limited by the limited minds of racist institutions supposedly created to support and nourish brilliance like that of this young lady.
570 CyrilInnis Jr. Knowledge is Powerful Uncle Bullwhip BPP
571 Dr. ReneeWallace I STRONGLY CONCUR that the University of Connecticut should NOT resend the institutions original acceptance of applicant Ms. Autum Ashante IMMEDIATELY. I was born and raised in the state of Connecticut and am appalled!
572 MylesKennedy I think Autum Ashante is an amazing poet and obviously extremely intelligent. I also think she is more than qualified to attend UCONN, it would be a great opportunity. I don't feel that UCONN is basing their decision on academics alone. -Myles K.(age 12)
573 AlonzoCampos Adelante, Autum!
574 NestaFelix UConn will lose much support if they do not follow through with their committment. Many young ladies have been introduced to Autumn Ashante' as a role model and this will be very disappointing and unjustifiable.
575 AbdulQadaar Excellence should not be hindered
576 AbdulQadaar  
577 LisaJoseph  
578 CarlaDembo  
579 LeonAdams Please re-instate Autum Ashante back into UConn. Thank you Leon S. Adams
580 AprilCrenney  
581 ArthurMobley Shame on UConn for bias in this situation.
582 EliJilka  
583 HeruAmen-Re Please stop wasting this child's time and give her the place she was given back
584 seidahwilliams  
585 StaritaBoyce She should apply to another school; Uconn will destroy her spirit. As a grad student I filed a federal claim against UConn. They refused to read my thesis, becaused it studied political inequties in communities of color. They were forced to award my M.A.
586 BeckyMcGill  
587 LeRoynaEdwards  
588 ZandiAnavid I also suggest that you start a petition on change.org which has a large subscriber and e-mail database/messaging network.
589 BethanyCarlson My mom is a UCONN alumna and our household has always held the university in high esteem. Please honor Autumn Ashante's original offer of admission. Caving to a smear campaign smashes dreams and brings UCONN's dedication to academic freedom into question.
590 jimmyjohnson  
591 MichelleGraves It saddens me to see the hope and dreams of a young black girl being destroyed by bigotry. Please reverse this truly immoral decision.
592 RichardEdwards As the father of a Connecticut native and a former Connecticut resident and taxpayer, I am profoundly disturbed that UConn would rescind admission on the grounds of a teenager's poetry. Her work and her views probably are not far from other UConn alums.
593 A'maJeffers To disqualify her before she has attended class is a biased, and seems like ageism.
594 LydiaSmiley Appalling! U Conn should be thrilled to have such a student want to attend.
595 JulianBaker  
596 AngelaHarper I do hope the University will change their decision and allow this bright little lady attend.
597 GwenD'Arcangelis  
598 LindaJenkins  
599 YazminKhan I am a student at University of Connecticut and am about to graduate. This story is appalling and does not reflect the school that I am proud to attend. Reverse this decision and welcome Autumn Ashanti to be a Husky in the Fall of 2011!!!
600 EricMacPhail