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601 JimilizValiente-Neighbours  
602 RobertValiente-Neighbours  
603 ElizabethTompkins  
604 StephanyOspina  
605 JeanMuenchen This young woman should not be denied her education. Do not listen to the racist dialog.
606 JaninedeManda  
607 RHiannonDickerson  
608 SusanBurges  
609 DenelsiaWalker She deserves better than this college. However, if she believes this is the best choice to further her education then she should be entitled to it.
610 JillDelbridge  
611 TinaMcway It is Imperative that Intelligence such as this Child Possesses not go Unappreciated, and more importantly Unhonored. I will be appalled and highly active in my protestsbe if she is Hindered in anyway from progressing forward on her chosen path.
612 BarbHolznagel  
613 RobinJackson I know it seems as if you can't win for losing, baby girl; that just means something far better is in your future. Keep educating with your words, and hold on to God's love--it'll take you places far greater than any human can! One Love
614 MelissaWeiner As a [non-UConn] college prof and Connecticut resident, it would be an honor and a privilege to have a student like Autumn in my class. Please reconsider and reinstate her admission
615 OdetteNemes  
616 KennethBrowning This is a "What if Moment" what would happen if the athlete were to ask the question, if not for my athletic prowess where go I. Yet here we have a young sister with academic abilities and yet no outcry from them. If so, I stand corrected by any of them..
617 Sophiavon Wrangell I expect you to reinstate Ashante back into your University. Your consideration must be for her abilities and not racist considerations.
618 AllisonGreene We should be supporting all youth that have achieved academic excellence as opposed to suppressing their dreams. I'm sure her age was listed on her application and UCONN was fully aware of it prior to her acceptance.
619 IrvinParker If the shoe was on the other foot meaning an extreme conservative youth was promoting "white supremacy" not much would be said.
620 ReginaldPhillips  
621 AliceZelman We would be extremely lucky to have Ms. Ashante as a student! As a graduate student at UConn I am appalled at the cruelty and cowardice shown by the administration in revoking her admission. She deserves to be here.
622 DanellaSudduth This will be really sad if this younglady isn't given a chance. And I thought this was the land of freedom of speech...
623 StephanieRamos I'm a UConn Alum Class of 2009 and this is an absolute disgrace. There is certainly no question of her "academic readiness" so what is the REAL motive behind rescinding her admission? Reinstate her now!
624 christopherwhitaker what are they afraid of?
625 OliverGaffney I thought we were better than this at UConn. Nothing makes me more ashamed as a student than to see my university rescind the welcome mat for a talented addition to the UConn community.
626 AdrienneGrist Go Autum!!!
627 LorenJones  
628 eatherreynolds When will this extreme behavior stop,thanks for the awareness and the willness to put petition forward.
629 CharlesWynn  
630 AnthonyPage ublimi w
631 JoanEdelstein  
632 OliviaEllwanger  
633 PiperDavenport Please reinstate this girl! Please reconsider!
634 TedParker Sr No rhyme or reason
635 LarryBrooks Yes originally they accepted her and now they should keep their promise.
636 RivqaBerger  
637 jeanettecalder personally i don't think the university is worthy of her but i support your efforts to let them know what we think of them. if were a student applying to this university i would look elsewhere, that's what i'd like to start a petition on.
638 SharonLeggett  
639 JoyWelan  
640 ElaineKinlaw My prayers are with this young lady.
641 lashaXi  
642 RogerWardell Let my people go...to your school
643 ColinBennett  
644 EdwardBivens  
645 VivianneTownes An you classify yourself as an institution of higher learning?!?!?? Shame on you, UConn! Apparently it is your institution that is not "academically ready" to abandon your traditions in order to expand and elevate student learning experiences.
646 TonyaWilliams  
647 Deaci-AnnWallen  
648 TimothyTrevillion Why is it that White and Asian children are honored even turned into celebrities when they possess academic excellence? If the status quo does not also apply to African Americans then we as a people should collectively opt out of your institution!
649 geraldDuClair I feel that UConn had the oppurtunity to show Autum a diff aspect of society and dropped the ball. Shame on you UConn. Do the right thing and stop being afraid of a 13year old girl.
650 RemaHazuri This young lady is ready. I believe she actually deserves to go to a better educational institution than this, but if this is where she wants to go, she should be able to based on her merit. Based on her initial acceptance.
651 RaymondMugoya  
652 andrebacon  
653 GregoryDowns Brilliance has no age or maturity level. It cannot be undermined, nor will it be marred. Give this young lady her rightfully deserved chance to shine!
654 GeorgetteFletcher  
655 FeliciaDavis  
656 ClaudeOliver Any University should be proud to have a student like Ashante
657 ReedMcConnell  
658 CeceliaTownes I'm signing, but I don't think UConn even deserves Autumn.
659 DavidGiglio  
660 DanielleCole The university extended her admission and now looks prejudice for rescinding it. They should issue an apology and make amends.
661 An'DreLewis  
662 MatthewSoycher  
664 kimquinde  
665 RaekwonEl  
666 OrlynEvans Peace Family: Please reinstate Ms. Autum Ashante. We need to get her back in College, so she can continue her Education. Not many are as gifted and talented. Stop making excuses for the Growth n Development of our Future Stars. We need to stick 2gether.
667 BenjaminWoods  
669 MurielTillinghast This is such an exceptional young lady, UConn should be pleased to be able to seat her within the coming freshman class.
670 JillianParagg  
671 GwendolynDebrow  
672 CherryWilliams I feel that UCONN is afraid of this young lady and her truthful views. How can they say that she is not academically ready when in fact you enrolled a white student now 14 had been taking classes there since the age of 9.WHERE IS THE JUSTIFICATION HERE?
673 FolukeOmobo A young child's life is like a train on a journey; the tracks must be tended to prevent derail; this child, like mine, like every other; irrespective of color, race, sex or creed deserves the right to sound education; we must all protect her destiny.
674 JasonGardner  
675 SandraRivers I AM OUTRAGED ('THO Not surprised). We will fight this with whatever it takes to get Ashante in auniversity of her choice!!!!
676 Joyce CDuncan Attention, Reinstate Autum Ashante to the University of Connecticut for Fall 2011 semester immediately. Sincerely, J C Duncan
677 JanetCaldwell A mind IS a terrible thing to waste!!!
678 GailShazor  
679 chiokekalonji  
680 NatashiaJones This is a disgrace.
681 JuliusTheophilus II  
682 JanetSung  
683 VirginiaThornton  
684 KellyVaranay My family has long been supportive of UConn. My grandfather and mother both attended the university. I would hate to see UConn deny this little girl and tarnish their reputation.
685 SarahBennett  
686 AlexandraNeyers  
687 JulietShen Do not let brilliance get away. If a white child was accepted at the age of 13 and had an IQ of 149, I doubt UConn would rescind the acceptance.
688 QuencyWilliams fight the power!
689 camillejohnson